At Train First Aid, all of our courses include Anaphylaxis and Defibrillation training as standard. 

Basic First Aid Courses:

1-Day Emergency First Aid at Work - This one day course provides participants with a basic level of First Aid training. It is suitable for training First Aiders for small companies and low risk organisations. 

1-Day Paediatric First Aid This is a basic Paediatric First Aid course designed for those who are entering the childcare industry and who only require a basic level of training. It can be extended to a 2-Day Paediatric First Aid course. 

Advanced First Aid Courses:

2-Day Paediatric First Aid - This 2 day training course specifically designed for those caring for children and infants. It meets the requirements set out by the Early Years Foundation Stage and Oftsed. 

3-Day First Aid at Work - This is a detailed 3 day training course that will train participants to a high level of First Aid. It is suitable for training First Aiders for large business or those working in high risk environments. 

2-Day First Aid at Work Refresher - This is a 2 day course, designed for those who have already gained a 3 day First Aid at Work Qualification, who wish to renew their qualification. 

Specialised First Aid Courses:

1-Day Automated External Defibrillation (AED) - This is a very practical one day course which trains participants in the use of an Automated External Defibrillation.  

1-Day Immediate Management of Anaphylaxis - This is a one day course enables participants to recognise anaphylaxis and know how to treat it effectively, including how to administer an Auto Injector. 

1-Day Oxygen Therapy - This is a one day course which enables participants to administer oxygen competently and effectively to patients with breathing difficulties. It is ideal for those working in dental practices or care homes. 

Bespoke Courses designed by Train First Aid:

1-Day First Aid Course for Scouts - This course is specifically designed for Scout Leaders. It meets all of the requirements of the Scout Leader First Aid Module. It also gives participants the opportunity to gain a professional nationally recognised qualification in Emergency First Aid at Work for no extra work!

1-Day Advanced First Aid for Scouts - This is a 1-Day extension course, building on the knowledge gained from our Standard 1-Day Scout First Aid Course. It is designed for those that want to develop their skills to a high level and covers a broad range of first aid scenarios, specifically focussing on scenarios in an outdoor environment.

2-Day Mountain Outdoor First Aid - This course is ideal for outdoor activity instructors, Mountain Leaders, or simply just those with a passion for the outdoors. It covers advanced First Aid in an outdoor environment. The course has been specifically designed by TrainFirstAid. The course can be combined with a First Aid at Work qualification and run over 3-Days. 

First Aid for Schools - We provide courses tailored to both the needs of students (such as for D of E expeditions) and teachers, including assembly presentations on First Aid.